Help me out here–there is a new interest in Nukes?

I am just a simple man, and I know what works and what panders to all kinds of silly preferences.

Here is a sensible power and energy project–Nukes.


2 responses to “Help me out here–there is a new interest in Nukes?

  1. I believe we will go back to the nucleus for energy because that is where most energy (E) is stored as mass (m).

    I am also confident that seventy years (1945-2015) of purposeful deception about nuclear energy is coming to an end.

    This is the REALITY frightened world leaders tried to hide from the public after WWII, NEUTRON REPULSION in cores of heavy atoms and ordinary stars is the force of creation, destruction, preservation and redemption.”

    CHAOS and FEAR of events during a NEWS blackout in Aug-Sept 1945 transformed science into a propaganda tool of world tyrants:

    Frightened world leaders secretly agreed to unite nations (UN) and national academies of science (NAS) into a worldwide “Orwellian Ministry of Consensus Science (UN)Truths” to prevent public knowledge of the source of energy in cores of heavy atoms on October 24, 1945.

    While standing in Hiroshima’s ruins in August 1945, Kuroda had already realized that the same source of energy in the core of the Sun made our elements and sustains our lives, NEUTRON REPULSION:

    Thanks to Max Planck’s 1944 speech in Florence, Italy on the nature of matter, we now have absolute assurance humanity will survive this seventy-year (1945-2015) effort to take totalitarian control of the globe by combining sovereign nations into one United Nation.

    This is humanity’s assurance Big Brother is going down !

  2. Coach Springer

    I know a manager at one of the 3 nuclear plants that Exelon is threatening to close in Illinois for profitability reasons. The problems with those plants are ignored in this article and they stem from nuclear being disadvantaged by government in direct preference to wind. The plants do not get the same pricing mechanisms and, due to electrical engineering of generation issues that I don’t yet fully understand, the plants are actually forced to provide electrical capabilities for wind to operate at cost for the nukes, while at the same time being unable to sell their electricity. The nuclear plants are not on equal footing and that disadvantage represents yet another huge hidden cost of wind being borne by the politically unpopular nuclear industry.

    As I am prone to say, energy insanity is made possible only through the cooperation of government and providers looking for government advantage. In this case, Exelon and its subsidiary, ComEd, have publicly committed to a low / no carbon future, building the wind fields that disadvantage their nuclear facilities. In toto, they lobby to raise rates and getting more government support, while producing less for more compared to other methods. Probably not by any accident, the Citizens Utility Board they used to hate and which beat them senseless over pennies, is now displaced by the political and environmental concerns that raise costs and limit usage.

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