Obama — the Nation’s Great Destroyer

According to Murray Energy CEO, Robert Murray, Obama is on a “bizarre, personal and political” quest to destroy the coal industry, as well as the entire country.

Speaking at a Lincoln Day Dinner, he explained that Obama’s administration has issued regulations that illegally bypass the states and their utility commissions, the U.S. Congress and the Constitution in favor of putting the U.S. EPA in charge of the nation’s electric grid. EPA regulations on coal borders on the absurd, he added. “EPA regulations alone total 25 million words, 38 times more than those in the holy Bible.”

Astoundingly, the coal industry accounts for 7% of the gross business product in West Virginia, but pays 60% of the business taxes. Oil and gas producers aren’t even taxed to this extent.

The effects of Obama’s policies on the coal industry have been widespread layoffs, 21% from Murray Energy in May, and closures. Jobs and family livelihoods have been destroyed and these workers are unable to work and will fall on the negative side of the economic ledger for the rest of their lives.

“This is not the America that I have always cherished. Well, I am obviously not giving up. Nor should you. We have the law, science, economics, cold hard energy facts and the Constitution on our side. Our cause is right. It is right for the coal industry and our communities and America. … We must continue to do whatever we can to overcome the insanity of our current government.”

Full story here.


5 responses to “Obama — the Nation’s Great Destroyer

  1. Dennis THielen

    It’s all one of another slice of “Obama Pie.” He is systematically destroying the American way of life, no matter the cost to American Citizens. But that’s what ideologues do. They have no sense of reality. In Soviet Russia the samr sort of mindset created impossible production goals, based on political theory, rather than genuine assesment of prevailing conditions.

  2. BHO did say “This is the greatest country in the world. Help me change it.” and got elected. Twice. Says a lot about the voters …

  3. The Saul Alinski model of practical socialism may lead to temporary (and gratifying) increases in power for the Empowered Class, but it is not sustainable. It requires an ever-growing class of people Dependent on the government, at the expense of an ever-shrinking class of Taxpayers who can afford to pay for the government.
    Eventually, you will run out of other people’s money to spend. When that happens the only people with money left will be the Ruling Class, and a Populist Revolution will be just around the corner.

  4. Viva la revolution.

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