A new round of climate tipping points?

Climate negotiations are getting closer, so it is time to get another rash of tipping points if we don’t act right now to save the planet.  How about a sea level rise tipping point?Green Left Weekly thinks we have a new one,  New report: Ocean warming passes tipping point

A sea level rise of 3.2 mm/year is past the tipping point.  This is based the NOAA climate.gov, State of the Climate report, which appears to have been written by the AMS.

I think I’ve been reading about climate tipping points that we will pass if we don’t do something by a climate conference just a few months away for the last 15 or 20 years.  Aren’t there fables about crying wolf or the sky falling?


3 responses to “A new round of climate tipping points?

  1. There we go again with the “tipping point”. Anybody who’s ever used a balance knows there’s no such thing. The term was devised by an economist.

  2. Again, cause for celebration. No need to act now. It’s over and we can go back to our lives without trying to stop an imaginary apocalypse.

  3. Does a sea level rise ‘tipping point’ mean that we are in danger of worldwide flooding of Noachian scale if the tipping point is surpassed? In that case, don’t buy your ark from Fiat-Chrysler …

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