Hydration obsessions and the compulsive sippers.

Mike Shaw put up an interesting piece updating on the hydration craze that has been around now for 20 years and more.

I have to jump in.

I was a guest and lecturer at the Salt Institute earlier this year–there to talk about JunkScience.com efforts to expose junk epidemiology. Mort Satin, science director for the Salt Institute and internationally known science and policy guy commented that he agreed with my put down of people who carry around bottles of water and are constantly sipping–it’s nonsense, said I, and has to do with fetishist on healthy living.

Mort does research and scholarship of water and salt intake and such, so I realized that I had touched on a matter noticed by others.

So here’s Shaw’s post:


My comment is that I played football and participated in sports, worked in the fields in the summer and working during hay bailing in the barn. I am an expert on sweating and heat as a result of my experience as an emergency physician caring for Army Soldiers who train in full gear in the hot Texas sun. You would be amazed at how few cases of heat illness we have and are reported in the Army Medical epidemiology literature.

The water thing is a fetish that is often emblematic of obsessive compulsive people and the nervous habit of sipping is a twitch.

People need to be sensible.

The runner/bicyclist water thing is pretty damn silly when taken to extremes, and electrolyte solutions should be used, as mentioned, but all these people walking around with their personal water bottles is stupid.


4 responses to “Hydration obsessions and the compulsive sippers.

  1. Agreed.

  2. @john1282
    That’s what love about this site! But…no comments on my Benjy Spock remarks?

  3. I have been saying this for years based upon my own experiences – people thought I was just picking on the younger people and perhaps I was – but now I have compulsive phone users to have a go at – get a life is my best advice….

  4. I agree that many people are obssessive about hydration, sometimes to the point of dying from over-consumption. However, some have medications and medical conditions that result in the need to constantly sip. Mouth and throat cancer surgery can elimate siliva for a period of times, sometimes permanently. You have carry a water bottle or a drink of some type if you want to swallow.

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