The sneering desmogblog reports the Peabody Letter to the White House on Carbon Dioxide

Desmogblog is riding on the money wave created by enviros and government. They would censor anyone who argues that carbon dioxide is beneficial and warming ain’t happenin’.

Their objective it to end any debate about climate–get on with the socialist plans and make the ignorant think that all they have to say is skeptics are shills for evil business and industry–go with us–we represent the interests of Mother Gaia, socialists, totalitarians.


5 responses to “The sneering desmogblog reports the Peabody Letter to the White House on Carbon Dioxide

  1. Sorry… I can’t click that link.

  2. thanks, i’ll fix somehow

  3. Some valid points here, Desmog blog does seem on occassion to almost sneer a little from one perspective anyway. Mainly because they can’t fathom how “deniers” actually believe what they are saying.

    They’re incapable of seeing it, or seeing how their language and framing comes off to those who don’t have the same views perception or knowledge on the issue.

    On the other hand, this website is the opposite. Its framing is genius, and manipulative; if zealotry driven fervor can be accurately described as manipulative.

    Climate change has NOTHING to do with socialism or any of the other ills you try to ascribe to desmog blog above.

    Which raises the question. Is this site trying to manipulate readers, or has the site just manipulated itself – that it has to believe this, in order to be able to dismiss what IS relevant about the climate change issue and continue to badly misconstrue the basic issue?

  4. Proof has been hiding in plain sight that change to the level of atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) has no effect on climate. The engineering science is solid. Changing the numbers hasn’t hidden the proof. Only existing data and the fundamental relation between mathematics and the physical world are needed or used.

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