Where do you stand on the rape of children?

Nothing is surprising any more–we promote lifestyles that include sexual abuse of children, we encourage immigration from cultures that are lax about child sexual abuse.

This is not a little thing–and it shows how some cultures are not compatible with American mores.



5 responses to “Where do you stand on the rape of children?

  1. If governments don’t stop allowing this illicit sex-centered culture to infiltrate the West, people will start taking matters into their own hands, and when it comes to protecting their children, you can’t blame them, at all!

  2. This is just another (maybe the worst) example of liberal racism. Most of these victims are women or children from the third world so the liberals assume they must have enjoyed it.
    Sick, sick, sick.

  3. Our next “rights” crusade.

  4. Racial / ethnic “profiling” is illegal for the government and law enforcement, but for you and me, it is prudent.

  5. One more example of how all liberal policies lead to disaster. No exceptions. BTW–these are not “unintended consequences” either. The worse things get, the more the sheeple will want Adolf Obama to protect them.

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