We are surprised–Big Red Popey public approval numbers take a dive

I feel no pain at all, he is a socialist creep who has been lurking in Argentina.



3 responses to “We are surprised–Big Red Popey public approval numbers take a dive

  1. The last thing the world needs is a communist pope, who has been bought out by the faux-green movement, and is also a shill for the UN’s Agenda 21….Nothing “Holy” about this religious fraud.

  2. Reality Observer

    At one time, I had hopes that the Roman Catholic Church would continue its reformation. No longer.

    This “Pope” is leading the Church into an advocacy of destitution, despair, and death. In the Bible, who is defined as the greatest advocate of these things? Hint – the name starts with an “S,” not a “J” or a “G.”

  3. There have been plenty of bad popes before, but none in an age of instant mass media, overloaded with ‘experts” of all stripes. Sadly, there are dozens of brilliant encyclicals in Church history that few people have ever heard of, but this latest one has gotten tons of publicity.

    It will be interesting–and quite sad–to see how this papacy plays out. I had a sick feeling when those canonizations of John and John Paul were rushed through, that we were in for some tough times.

    The worst part of this climate mess is that Francis’ key adviser is a full-on atheist, and relying on such a person–all by itself–seems to violate basic doctrine (refer to 2123 ff of the Catechism of the Catholic Church).

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