That huge increase in autism rates? Not so fast, RFK..

For the past decade or three the reported autism rates have been going up and up and up. This has led to The Cult Of R-F-K Jr. and Jenny McCarthy, with their vaccine -> autism claims. Which far, far, too many people follow.

A group of academic statisticians took the time to chart out the recent historical claimed huge rise in autism and compare it to… the rates of numerous other childhood (so-called) disorders.

Money quote:
“The research team noted more than three times the number of cases of autism in 2010 as compared to 2000; however, nearly 65 percent of this increase could be accounted for by a reduction in the number of individuals classified in the intellectual disability category in the IDEA data. The diagnostic reclassification of individuals from the category of intellectual disability to the category of autism accounts for a large proportion of the change, which varied depending on the age of the children. The researchers estimate that, for 8 year-olds, approximately 59 percent of the observed increase in autism is accounted for by reclassification, but by age 15 reclassification accounts for as much as 97 percent of the increase in autism.”

In other words, and assuming (yes, I know…) that their analysis is valid, there ain’t no there, there, in regards to autism increase.



3 responses to “That huge increase in autism rates? Not so fast, RFK..

  1. And once you’re clasified as autistic you can apply for SSI.

  2. And as you’ve also pointed out, what is classified as autism (or more accurately autism spectrum disorder) used to be just plain old retarded.

    But retardation doesn’t get you government funding*, while autism does. Follow the money.

    Just a thought.


    *Sort of like AIDS. Cholera doesn’t get you foreign aid dollars (to siphon into your foreign bank accounts) , but AIDS does, sooooo….

  3. “Follow the Money”….? I don’t think so. My severely autistic son is incapable of a short sentence and approaching 8 years old has no awareness of danger. He must be watched every second. The money we get to help in his care, does just that – incontinence pads, replacement chewed clothes, outings to activities that require no communication, expensive harness car seats, replacement broken computers etc. Our family suffers through this tragedy and your comment above is particularly offensive to me.

    – moderator’s comment: The fact that some children and their parents suffer through horrors of this sort is all too true. The article doesn’t attack them, but addresses the more specific claim that “autism” rates have skyrocketed.

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