Jack Cashill discusses leftist intolerance and his new book on the subject

Scarlet Letters is Jack’s dissection of leftist political correctness intolerance.

I can always recommend Jack as an insightful and well informed commentator and his book is on an important current problem–totalitarianism and censorship by the lefty oligarchs.



2 responses to “Jack Cashill discusses leftist intolerance and his new book on the subject

  1. @john1282
    I submit that what goes on in the media may not always reflect what real people really think. Cashill is getting his knickers in a twist about liberal morons on ESPN, but here’s a big scoop:

    TV has been overwhelmingly Leftist since its inception. Anyone remember Cronkite or Murrow? How about ultralib Jim McKay’s Wide World of Sports coverage? Or the fawning over JFK? And that would include the coverups regarding Marilyn Monroe.

    If you recall, no one ever commented at the time on the obvious gender bending going on with the East German Olympic team.

    Thanks for Cashill discovering that the broadcast media is a brood of vipers. Wowee!

  2. As to the roughing up and threats directed toward Ben Shapiro, referenced in Cashill’s article. Good grief!

    Shapiro went on TV to get publicity…and as I said, TV is a hotbed of Lefty lunatics. So what? Oh, wait. I know! The Right should also impose speech codes.

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