Is Ashley Madison “Junk Science”?

Funny how this arguable misuse of the Internet is being destroyed by hackers.   Karma is a bitch.

Wonderful song parody surely applies (warning…some rough lyrics).

Well, at least they’re not charging members to delete their accounts anymore.


7 responses to “Is Ashley Madison “Junk Science”?

  1. Ashley Madison’s science competes well with that from the worldwide “Orwellian Ministry of Consensus Science (UN)Truths” Stalin established when formerly independent nations and national academies of science were united on 24 Oct 1945.

  2. I don’t quite understand how the site is a misuse of the Internet. I could see how some folk would consider it immoral.

    Pr0n was the killer app to get the Internet, and for that matter PC – CD/DVD market going – is pr0n – a misuse of the Internet, or just something some folks object to?

    • @marque2–
      Do you mean “porn”? I get it, we need to tolerate this stuff in the name of free speech and to grow the Internet. Still, it is funny when the “abusers” get hacked.

      Just trying to get people to think outside the box.

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