Well, let’s talk McCain

McCain was never a good conservative. He and his running dog buddy Lindsey Graham were always working to prevent conservative advances.

Now the Trumpmeister has everyone upset–Trump is accused of not being properly deferential to McCain but that’s not true–Trump gave McCain his due for being a stand up POW under severe torture. However McCain is not sacred and shouldn’t be treated as such if he is in the political arena–far from it since much of his political conduct is inexcusable for a declared conservative. He has no principles and is always buffing up his image for the lefty press. What a worthless man when it comes to conservative causes.

His POW status does not make him off bounds for criticism. Moreover, his despicable conduct in regards to Viet Nam takes some of the luster off his performance as a courageous prisoner.

He and John Kerry, another bad news VN vet, colluded to keep information on MIAs and POWs suppressed, leaving people behind, even? Disgusting.
Reminds one of the performance of Ike on the American POWS of WWII. Many Americans from liberated German POW camps were transferred with our knowledge to Russian prisons–deplorable and reprehensible.

I would suggest that John McCain has betrayed a public trust more than once, he is a hotheaded egomaniac, treacherous to the interests of America, and pretty damn stupid. What a pathetic candidate for president.

His suffering at the hands of evil commies seems to have taken something out of him, otherwise he would know how to fight for America and American interests instead of pandering to the anti-American anti-military left.

He is so consistently wrong on even national defense issues that I wonder if it is reflective of his empty headedness or his desire to get good media coverage.



8 responses to “Well, let’s talk McCain

  1. I met him once, in the early 90s, in Phoenix. He strolled into a meeting in the Conv. Center, accompanied by aides, where a crowd of entrepreneurs were getting stoked by a motivational speaker. It seems the cheering attracted McCain’s attention as he walked past the entrance to the hall. He was visibly impressed by the crowd, and asked who they represented (I was standing near the back as he came in), and if he might address the crowd for a minute or two. When he was told they were not all Arizona folks, but from a national scattering, he turned on his heels and left. I guess he was only excited if they were potential supporters.

    I haven’t liked him since.

  2. I agree with Trump, being a POW does NOT make you a hero. Now, McCain seems to have acquitted himself well as a POW, so that’s well and good. But, to quote Gen Patton,

    “It is a popular idea that a man is a hero just because he was killed in action. Rather, I think, a man is frequently a fool when he gets killed.”

    I bet you thought I was going to use

    “I want you to remember that no bastard ever won a war by dying for his country. He won it by making the other poor, dumb bastard die for his country.”

    But Patton never said that, it was just a line in a movie.

    And, for the record, I am an infantry veteran myself. I also loathe McCain, but for his contempt for the Constitution. I mean, I am a Republican, I just think he’s a RINO.

  3. I have developed a working definition of “Hero”. Heroes are not defined by what they*are* but by what they *do*. A hero is a person who voluntarily acts to help other people without regard to personal risk. “Valor,” as defined in practice for the purposes of awarding the Medal of Honor, means acting under fire to help your fellow soldiers in spite of the risk to oneself. It is because of the disregard for personal risk that many MoH awards are made posthumously.
    If there is any other motive than helping someone else, then it is a selfish one, and selfishness disqualifies the ‘hero’ appellation. Similarly if the act is involuntary, like getting captured by the enemy, it is not an act of heroism.
    By this reckoning, the act of enlisting is more heroic than the act of getting captured – a point I suspect Trump may have been trying to make.
    PS: I would respond to the Patton quote (from the movie, not the man) by pointing out that Sun Tzu and Clausewitz concur that you win a war by making the *enemy* lose the will to fight. Sometimes that means killing the enemy outright, especially if they have a religious belief that dying in battle is a free-pass to Paradise – something Jihadis share with Vikings – but not always. If you can persuade the enemy to quit, you can win without killing so many of them. The atomic bombs dropped on Nagasaki and Hiroshima killed hundreds of thousands, but demoralized millions of Japanese, saving their lives from a planned military assault of Japan.

    • Getting captured did not make him a hero – but he did one thing, that was somewhat heroic. When given the opportunity to go home early from prison camp, he insisted other soldiers leave and he stay behind. Other than that, he destroyed 2 aircraft due to hotdogging, and crashed a third. He had a total of 5 aircraft in the military, all destroyed.

  4. McCain deserves respect as someone who served his country and suffered as a POW. But as a politician he has been a disaster, he would have done himself and his country a favor by choosing some other career.

  5. As a politician, this RINO spends way too much of his time “reaching out to our friends across the aisle” .

  6. The sadly funny thing is, this is the same press that was OK when folks commented how awful his teeth were (they were destroyed in camp) and were OK with making fun of his handicaps and inability to email – during his campaign.

    Now all of a sudden, they can get at trump, and dissing McCain is all of a sudden forbidden again.

    McCain has been pretty obnoxious as of late. Yes he may, in a sense, be a war hero, but at some point you have to tell Grandpa war hero – yes we appreciate that, but you have become a semi senile old fool, and it is time to move on.

  7. By thinking of McCain as basically a Democrat who just happened to support the Vietnam War, I find it possible to feel that he’s much less bad than, e.g., Obama.

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