More on John McCain

I wonder if the assertions made by James Stockdale commanding officer at the Hanoi Hilton for the men who suffered the long imprisonments have some meaning unsaid.

Did his statements on who did poorly as prisoners have something to do with John McCain?

Stockdale said in his book Ten years of Reflection A Vietnam Experience that the most cowardly and collaborative acts of the men in the Hanoi Hilton were committed by the those who were the most “socially ambitious” or willing to “cooperate” with the captors and gain favor. Stockdale was a great believer in the Stoic Philosophy and that it lifted men up, but he condemned two types–the optimists who were always ready to believe that good things were just around the corner becuase it made them susceptable to captor intimidations, and the other group were the socially conscious who wanted a favorable relationship with the captors, that made them prone to collaborate and cooperate.

I had no knowledge of McCain’s apparent deceit about his broken arms, his torture, or, more importantly his willingness to make propaganda films for the commies. The report below is troubling if it is true.

Say it ain’t so John.


2 responses to “More on John McCain

  1. During the election of 2008, Obama supporters and the liberal media often made fun of McCain an treated him badly. He was certainly not treated as a war hero.
    But these liberals suddenly become “patriots” solely for the sake of attacking Donald Trump. If Obama said the exact same things about McCain, the media would fall over themselves to say how funny and clever Obama was.

  2. More dirt:

    John McCain and the POW Cover-Up


    Just a thought.


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