Earthquakes and climate change

In the linkage of things caused by climate change Time seems to link extreme weather and earthquakes to climate.  Time’s article, Floods, Storms and Earthquakes Displaced Millions in 2014: Report,  discusses the forced displacement statistics from the Norwegian Refugee Center for 2014.  Floods were the most prevalent cause of forced displacement.  Earthquakes and tsunami’s are included in the litany of extreme events.  Of course time also includes the obligatory reminder of Sandy.  The conclusion

“The largest increases in displacement are related to weather and climate-related hazards, particularly floods,” the report says. “Climate change, in tandem with people’s increasing exposure and vulnerability, is expected to magnify this trend, as extreme weather events become more frequent and intense in the coming decades.”

A forced displacement is any time you have to leave home because of the event, it does not necessarily require any damage.  Precautionary evacuations would be counted.


3 responses to “Earthquakes and climate change

  1. New Madras fault quakes, extreme and lasted for 10 years, 18th century. San Francisco quake, Alaska quake late 1950’s, West Yellowstone quake, late 50’s. All well before Al Gore invented global warming.

  2. Here is another original:
    Environment: Nitrogen pollution reduces plant diversity. Swiss study shows widespread effect of air pollution Staff Report FRISCO — Scientists in Switzerland say they’ve measured a startling decline in plant diversity linked with high human atmospheric nitrogen emissions.
    in response to Bob Berwyn:

    Please people, don’t release nitrogen into the atmosphere! OR: don’t tell them for couple of months, that: the atmosphere is 78% nitrogen AND nitrogen is another essential food for trees and crops…! the more they get of it -> the healthier and more prosperous they are!

  3. Warmist geologists believe the earth’s crust is more likely to move where continental ice has been melting.

    Of course, there’s really no proof yet that such a connection exists NOW (it may have existed when most of the ice sheets first melted), but that doesn’t stop the claims.

    I’m just waiting for some scientific attention-mongers to start suggesting that anthropogenic climate change is responsible for the obesity epidemic.

    And warts.

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