Should we be optimistic in the realistic climate science ranks?

I always follow the money on political issues, and the money is still in the hands of the warmer crowd, the socialist green true believers–Delingpole’s watermelons. Here’s an essay that says they are demoralized by the weight of the evidence.

This essay says they are demoralized–but billions are dropped in the laps of the green fanatics every year–that is bound to make them a formidable political force.

Even if the science and the public opinion seem to be softening and disregarding their crusade.


One response to “Should we be optimistic in the realistic climate science ranks?

  1. Perchance, are Delingpole’s watermelons of the self-eating variety? This intro is not very explicit about the nature of the fruit with which he is concerning himself.

    “In Watermelons, Delingpole tells the shocking true story of how a handful of political activists, green campaigners and voodoo scientists engineered the world s biggest, most expensive and destructive outbreak of mass hysteria: one that threatens the very fabric of Western Civilisation. As the world stands on the brink of a new Great Depression, Delingpole s message could not be more timely or urgent. In order to save our planet must we really surrender to the green movement s misanthropic tyranny? Or might there be a better way?”

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