Vilfredo Pareto explains why enviros are true believer nut cases

This is an essay from a time ago, by Norman Rogers that references an old time smart guy Italian.

It is important if you are to cure the disease that you know the disease.


One response to “Vilfredo Pareto explains why enviros are true believer nut cases

  1. In my little town, there was an outcry raised against the use of thin plastic grocery bags. The slogans were completely out-of-proportion to the supposed damage of having a few extra plastic bags in our trash. The ones talking about banning the grocery bags even admitted that many of them were reused at least once before being discarded. One particularly poignant argument was that these bags would hurt and injure ocean creatures. However, our little town is quite high in the mountains, in a state that doesn’t even border on the ocean. Nobody could explain to me how our trash ended up in the ocean.

    The problem with people developing an emotional response/tie to a particular problem, is that sometimes there is no corresponding emotional argument that can get through to them. Pareto wants to meet emotion with a corresponding emotion, but sometimes there is nothing but cold logic to counter the emotional response. Therefore, when a poll was taken, in our small town, asking people whether we should ban the plastic grocery bags, about 75% of respondents did NOT want to ban the bags. This brought up another emotional response from the pro-ban people, that the poll was rigged by “people that just want to kill our planet”. I really cannot think of any response to this, that would reach out to these people and change their minds.

    So, I believe Pareto just didn’t realize how crazy people can get. He probably mostly interacted with intelligent rational people, who could see the flaws in their beliefs once it was pointed out. The emotional hysteria of people has definitely taken me by surprise.

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