Black Psychiatrist says ghetto violence is due to Fetal Alcohol Disorder

This is absolute BS, nothing more than huffing and puffing to argue for an excuse for street thugs as having a diagnosis.

They are bad people, not victims of alcohol abuse by their mothers in pregnancy–nonsense.

Besides Fetal Alcohol Syndrome is pretty damn rare and should not have been the basis for all the public health warnings about don’t drink at all in pregnancy. Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder is an expanded concept that increases the numbers but unfortunately might be mining the rates of mental illness and retardation that exist generally.

Since the original scares that got started in the 70s resulting in warning labels on alcohol, research has shown moderate alcohol ingestion is not dangerous to the fetus.

I saw my first case of Fetal Alcohol syndrome around 1975, two years after it was first described. I have not seen it personally since, working in many busy plaes for 40 years.

From the 70s on the nannies and pubic health scare people made fetal effects of alcohol in pregnancy a big deal but I would say it is one rare bird and they puff up their numbers with the Spectrum Disorder, that allows for counting kids that may be part of the rate of births with mental neurological disorders.

Certainly Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, which is real and a terrible affliction, is more rare than the alcohol nannies would have us believe.

Here’s what Wiki says:

FASD (Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder) is estimated to affect between 2% and 5% of people in the United States and Western Europe (john 1282 note: rate of mental disorders is well above that 2-5 % rate). FAS (Fetal Alcohol Syndrome) is believed to occur in between 0.2 and 9 per 1000 live births in the United States (john1282 note: that’s a rate of 0.02 % to 0.9% and I don’t know how we can be sure about such estimates but FASD is a much softer diagnostic grouping). In South Africa some populations have rates as high as 9%.[3] The negative effects of alcohol have been described since ancient times.[3] The lifetime cost of an individual with FAS were estimated to be two million USD in 2002.[12] The term fetal alcohol syndrome was first used in 1973.[3]

The rate of alcohol caused birth defects is much less than 1% and there are other alcohol fetal effects not so severe as Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.

There is no mistaking the facial abnormalities and retardation–they are not, in fact they are physically and mentally not able, to be violent thugs.

So here comes this psychiatrist making stupid statements.


4 responses to “Black Psychiatrist says ghetto violence is due to Fetal Alcohol Disorder

  1. Assuming things not in evidence in the pursuit of an agenda is a mark of desperation. You can rest assured that Big Media journOlista will treat this unscientific bleating as another case of received wisdom that must never be challenged but only treated as unquestionably true, therefore it should be used as an “unassailable” reference and guide. Since the asserted FAS basis of urban thuggery serves the libcult agenda, no questions or criticism will be tolerated. All questions and criticism will be reserved for those who DO question this nonsense. Thats the New Normal in the world of libcult dominated Big Media.

  2. Unemployment, lack of opportunity, and willful ignorance are some of the reasons why there is violence in poor inner city areas. The government throws money at the first two problems with little to show for the costs. Minimum wage hikes and other employment laws do little for jobless teens. The best way out of the poverty cycle is education and marketable skills, but this is where willful ignorance strikes.

    Willful ignorance is the anti-intellectual bias that is on display when a promising student is bullied for acting “white.” This is a slap in the face of many accomplished individuals of African origin. Educated and accomplished people are not esteemed as role models for the youth. Instead there are sports personalities, race hustlers, and the occasional politician.

    The choice of the promising student is to leave his old friends and neighborhood behind, or stop trying. Learning and education are not always easy and so many intelligent people who could make it out of the poverty cycle stop trying and go back and hang out with the ignorant, doing nothing productive. Crime happens from boredom, for adventure, and for profit. Quick riches from drug dealing and the power of belonging to a gang or crew are celebrated.

    Idle hands are the devil’s playground. That rotten playground seems to still profit those who have left.

  3. Ghetto mothers drunk & high during pregnancy most probably are not of a stable mind regardless of drugs & alcohol to raise a child that will integrate with civil society.

    A woman planning on having a child would be working and or maintaining a household with her husband with little time or desire to be drunk or high all of the time. After the birth of the child a woman would have a stable home and the time & ability to supervise the child’s development instead of turning the child loose into the streets night and day as we see all too often.

  4. For Blacks, Whites and Native Americans, dependency is the door of slavery.

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