Research stating the intuitively obvious. But owl puke is a new wrinkle.

Research using fossilized owl vomit shows that land use over the last 200 years has had the most effect on an ecosystem in thousands of years.  From RedOrbit, ‘Owl vomit’ fossils indicate humans disturbed ecosystem resilience

Fossilized owl vomit pellets in Utah’s Homestead Cave contain bones that allow a good proxy on ecosystem change over thousands of years.  The results show humans since the 1800’s have had the biggest impact over all the years.  Is it not expected that the ecosystem going from relatively slow climate perturbations would slowly change and that introduction of farming, grazing and houses and transportation systems result in a faster change?  The article seems to point to human influence being negative.  I suppose so if you believe that no or little ecology change in tens of thousands of years is good and humans are not part of the ecology and are somehow alien to the planet.

Part of the humans bad meme?


4 responses to “Research stating the intuitively obvious. But owl puke is a new wrinkle.

  1. Speaking of “hoots”, isn’t it a real hoot how infestations of strange — and even unnatural — ideas can become epidemic when a society becomes overly suburbanized and creeps toward being overly urbanized?

  2. The implicit assumption seems to be that all change is bad.

  3. Wouldn’t the fact that owls were vomiting tend to indicate it wasn’t that much better?!?!

  4. Robert of Ottawa

    Hehe, I taunt Watermelons, and especially the young idealists indoctrinated by them, that agriculture has had the largest effect upon the environment, and we should therefore ban it.

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