This is a really vacuous proposal for dealing with Carbon Capture, the Enviro obsession

I have a hard time keeping my nausea, or hysterical laughter under control when considering the insanity of carbon dioxide sequestration.

It makes no sense and costs a bunch.

I could elaborate on the insanity, but why?

This material covers the deplorable idiocy.


3 responses to “This is a really vacuous proposal for dealing with Carbon Capture, the Enviro obsession

  1. I believe it would be much easier, and far cheaper to “sequester” the alarmists! Government-induced climaphobia, is far more serious than any change in the climate, regardless of what may have caused it!

  2. Carbon sequestration isn’t an idiotic Enviro obsession if you consider that he GOP has kept it alive for many years. The idea of CO2 danger has been disproved by peer reviewed science so why is anyone even talking about CCS? The only entity on the planet that can stop things like carbon capture is the the Republican Establishment and they’ve made clear they have no intention of doing so. On 2/27/2003 the Bush admin. Dept. of Energy announced the US would lead a $1 billion international effort to advance CC and reduce GG emissions. Ten years later in 2013, the GOP and Lamar Smith were content to sit and chit chat in committee meetings about whether CCS was up and running or not, was it 75% up and running, etc., per Dallas Morning News. It’s now 2015. The GOP has nurtured the AGW racket for decades. They don’t lack the knowledge to stop it, they lack the desire.

  3. Since carbon is the basis of all life, ppl who think it’s bad (and, hey, carbon is black, so that makes them racists, right?) should do the noble thing and off themselves. Problem solved, both ways.

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