The purges in the military of real warriors. The Evidence is Compelling

The essay below puts on display what I have known and warned of for years. The military is being destroyed by the politically correct, post modernist, socialist left. The special problem recently is politicians and citizenry who have never served and have no perspective about military service and the import of a strong national defense structure. The Services are suffering from an assault by the left that is viscerally anti military and intent on extinguishing the culture and morale of our fighting forces. God help you if you look and act like a warrior instead of an anxious bureaucrat.

The bamster is our enemy and is enthusiastically leading the wrecking crew. He will destroy America if he can. You think all those flag officers dismissed after the Benghazi debacle was a coincidence?
You think the current flag-officer ranks have been purged of people with a proper military attitude?

You bet. The officer ranks now are full of bureaucrats, socialists, affirmative action beneficiaries, not warriors and patriots. I would have to say Colin Powell is a model of the new officer–self promoting, lying, manipulative, soft talking, compromising, treacherous–no General Mattis or even the flag officers mentioned in this essay who were fired when they wanted to come to the aid of their country and fellow citizens in the Benghazi mess. Colin has always been the guy looking for the exit, the cheap piece of paper, not victory over evil. He is now the model for a successful flag-officer.

However it is worse than that–the military way down into the ranks is being eviscerated by political correctness projects that are imposed from the top by people antagonistic to the military, all the services.

Political correctness, gender and sexual pervert grievance hustlers now are the noise throughout the organization. That succeeds and magnifies a destructive affirmative action project based on race and gender politics that resulted in promotions that parallel the disaster of academic affirmative action. The last 25 years has seen dramatic changes, but the last 10 years it has been worse with a new special place for sex perverts, followed by cross dressers and body dysmorphics?

This writer nails it.


4 responses to “The purges in the military of real warriors. The Evidence is Compelling

  1. I told my wife 6 years ago that one of Obama’s goals would be to insure that the American Military would no longer be viable as a political solution. And so it has come to pass.

  2. The reference to Chamberlain was spot on. I remember a line about “The tree may appear healthy even as it rots from within.”

  3. Historically, the U. S. military decreases drastically in size after a war. Post WWI reduction left the great WWII leaders languishing for years at company grade. Post WWII we darn near lost South Korea because of low military strength. Same for post-Viet Nam and the Clinton “peace dividend” in the 90’s. Obama’s actions are nothing new, but he does seem to be doing it with a vengeance. The folks that seem to survive this are the Larry Lunchbucket staff pukes, the ones that show up in the field all pink, washed, pressed and polished with their go-to-war combat leather brief cases. I was in the Army Reserves but post Iraq you could watch both the USAR and Active Army drift toward the non-shooters. In the ’90’s my Army Reserve command rated officers in command on their ability to get green dots on a “command status board” of administrative tasks with almost no emphasis on being able to accomplish the unit mission. The Field Artillery Brigade was, except for the Larry Lunchbuckets, oriented on violent execution of lethal artillery fires, but were also winning the dot board competition on the get this out of the way so we can go to the woods and break things theory. The Army decided they didn’t need rough folks like us, we cased colors and us old guys went quietly into retirement. I suspect that the early Iraq2 problems with reservists were the LL’s that took over.

    So, what we are seeing now is the historical downsize with the real survivor, Larry Lunchbucket coming out of the closet. I hope we survive it.

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