AG Pesticide residuals are no risk–chemophobes stand down

These people who are afraid of anything with a chemical name are apoplectic about insecticides–oooooh so scary.

Repeat after me–dose makes the poison. Paracelsus–very long time ago said it–still true. Too much heart medicine–poison, too much water, makes cerebral edema, hyponatremia–get it?

Here’s a big international study on ag herbicides/pesticides that make for better crop production.

I am certified by the State of Texas to use pesticides and herbicides–not as a commercial but as a private operator–I assure you that herbicides are not dangerous for humans with few exceptions, but inesecticides have poisonous effects in adequate exposures. In fact military warfare toxins in some cases act like insecticides.


3 responses to “AG Pesticide residuals are no risk–chemophobes stand down

  1. I doubt very much that the chemophobes will pay any attention to such studies – their fear is NOT based on reason, it is an emotional response, so it can only be negated by other emotions. .

  2. mil-spec nerve agents like GB & VX are from the same chemical family as many insecticides.

    if the warning label tells you that atropine & 2-PAM Chloride are the antidote, it’s a nerve agent.

  3. in fact, i used to use household pesticides for training, back in the day, to show the troops what positive results looked like

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