The slacker society and workforce participation

Is this a big surprise–the Greeks are leading the way.

Well actually Europe is leading the way. The Welfare Statists want a dependent slacker population–easy to herd and boss around.

NCPA essay references another great study by the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) out of Boston, that always does even politically incorrect research.


One response to “The slacker society and workforce participation

  1. “Sustainability” become the next issue. As the slacker demographic grows, there are ever fewer productive workers to tap when it comes time to pay the ever-growing bills for the welfare society.
    Tapping the workers more deeply will only provide ‘positive feedback’ and movement toward a ‘tipping point’.
    Perhaps the disaster climatologists can repurpose themselves as socialist economists after the 2030 Ice Age begins in earnest. /sarc

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