Obama’s new Americorps Resilience program for climate change preparedness

This is surreal and frightening. As part of Obama’s Climate Action Plan, he established a Task Force on Climate Preparedness and Resilience. A White House press release issued last week announced it has partnered with Rockefeller Foundation to launch a new Resilience AmeriCorps program and will recruit, train and imbed AmeriCorp Vista members in a dozen U.S. communities this year.

Other new actions the Administration is taking as part of its Task Force on Climate Preparedness and Resilience include:

  • It is targeting native American tribes and colleges with $11.8 million in grants to indoctrinate tribal youth on climate change and elicit their participation.
  • HUD is giving $1 billion in National Disaster Resilience Competition grants to communities to “provide amenities that improve the quality of life for all,” with Rockefeller Foundation adding $3.2 million towards the effort.
  • Kresge Foundation is adding $10 million to support the agenda in low-income communities through community nonprofits.
  • and more…

Additional actions being taken by the Administration to prioritize resilience in every branch of the Federal government: targeting minority colleges, universities and institutions to focus education on environmental justice and climate change; mandating all federal facilities must be aligned with its climate preparedness and resilience goals; and mandating that all federal programs must also become aligned with its goals.

So, how will AmeriCorps make cities more resilient and prepare for climate change? They must have universal healthcare, sustainable development and “minimal human vulnerability.” The City Resilience Framework report defines “minimal human vulnerability” as:

  • “This relates to the extent to which everyone’s basic needs are met. Minimizing underlying human vulnerabilities enables individuals and households to achieve a standard of living which goes beyond mere survival. A basic level of wellbeing also allows people to deal with unforeseen circumstances. This is only possible once their physiological needs are met through a basic level of provision of food, water and sanitation, energy and shelter.”

It goes on to say that for a city to be resilient, everyone must have a living wage and “unrestricted access to legitimate occupations.” It would seem that a Resilient city must provide food, shelter, energy and unrestricted access to a job for its inhabitants.”

There is more here about what are very Marxist plans, demonstrating yet again that environmentalism and climate change is not about the environment, it is a political agenda.


6 responses to “Obama’s new Americorps Resilience program for climate change preparedness

  1. It all revolves around getting everyone hooked on federal government money and then threatening to withdraw it unless they do what they are told. The result is everyone ends up equally impoverished.

    • Exactly. The new indentured servant class. That is what the politicos are creating.

    • But Indian tribes are already hooked on government money, in spite of the casinos they are allowed to operate. They are already living subsistance level lives in lousy housing provided by their loving government. I don’t see how this can actually influence them in the direction planned. It’s more an illustration of the future of all of us as the government swallows us up.

  2. the USSR aided by China as poisoned the American well. We are doomed to crash and burn just like Rome. The new barbarians are the sandal wearing ignorant savages from the ME and South/Central America.

  3. Our leader issues a decree…and poof, it is done. We have already moved so far beyond the tyranny our country’s founders escaped from and fought against.

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