Jackass NYC officials pay Eric Garner family 5.9 million

Let’s review–here’s a worthless street thug, multiple offender selling cigarettes like he ahs before, and he whines–I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe.

I would suggest, as an emergency physician, knowledgeable in these matters, that there was no choke hold and the continuous whine “I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe” was proof that this fat man could breath fine.

So the cops restrain him, appropriately WITH NO EVIDENCE OF A CHOKE HOLD AT ALL, then he is bundled and off to an emergency room in an ambulance and he has, AIN’T IT JUST SO OPPORTUNE, he has a cardiac rhythm problem, no doubt due to his excitement and his underlying condtions.

So in the subsequent lawsuit the lawyers ignore the evidence and call it a death by choke hold.

And, scared to death of their shadows, settle for an exorbitant sum, considering Eric is a loser and cheap crook and not worth much to his family at all. Why am I not surprised–since it will make the contrversy go away and the mobs go away.



One response to “Jackass NYC officials pay Eric Garner family 5.9 million

  1. One fact not mentioned here or anywhere about the Garner case. The police officer in charge of the detail that was arresting Garner was black– even better, a black woman.
    Since this was sold as an example of white racism where white cops deliberately killed a black man, this fact has been buried.
    If you look at the photos on the web showing the officer “choking” Garner, you will see a hand on his leg in the background-yep, the black policewoman was helping control the criminal. In other pictures she is seen standing behind him.
    She was in charge, not just a spectator. My understanding is she was given complete immunity–there is only one reason that would happen.

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