NRDC involved in political advocacy? Shocking

The charade that the lefty enviro organizations put up on maintaining their charitable status, ignores the serial lying.

When the NRDC and other green entities are worth hundreds of millions, even billions, all the way up to the Nature Conservancy, north of 5 billion, it’s just not fair.

I particularly am offended by their persistent complaint about dark money funding their enemies on the right.

I would sure like to have the dark money that they get and the assets they can deploy on political issues, directly or indirectly.

Paul Driessen, Marita Noon and JunkScience have previously documented the magnitude of political/economic power of the enviro organizations, and that doesn’t included the power and money that can be brought to bear by their associated foundation, and leftist political adn government agency/UN organization allies.

ACSH and the Congress should get a load of this info on the power and money in the green mafia.


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