Dr. Bloom does it again

Are your crayons killing you?  Dr. Josh Bloom has an immaculate takedown. And he does it more politely than I would. From Science 2.0, Color Them Stupid: Environmental Working Group Goes After Crayons

I’d like to comment, but I’m outdone by the master.  But he is being much to polite.

Link from ACSH.


7 responses to “Dr. Bloom does it again

  1. Geologist Down The Pub Sez

    Excellent job by Josh Bloom. One point overlooked is the question of what is asbestos? Turns out it is not a mineral, but a trade term covering a group of only distantly related minerals, the vast majority of which are benign. Only a small number of the minerals called asbestos are carcinogenic.

  2. Ever wonder why if asbestos is SOOOO dangerous and even one fiber can cause cancer and everyone is exposed to probably at least one fiber in a lifetime, there are only 3000 cases diagnosed each year? This is obviously NOT the cause of the cancer. It may in some very tiny way contribute, but mostly it’s the billions of dollars to be had by lawyers and supposed victims. Any disease that takes 47 to 53 years to show up cannot be tied to one single cause. It’s just impossible.

  3. Yet another example of why the Endlessly Wrong Group (EWG) is ENDLESSLY, as well as stone cold stupid.

  4. Typos above, S/B
    Yet another example of why the Endlessly Wrong Group (EWG) is ENDLESSLY WRONG, as well as stone cold stupid.

  5. Excuse me???? Polite? I can’t remember even a single instance in which I’ve been accused of being too polite. And I don’t mean just writing. As my grandmother once proclaimed as I was throwing food around the dinner table, “You have manners. But they’re bad.”
    I’m formally asking for a retraction.

    • If I retract, then my “more politely than I” is false and I would be more polite. However, as a gentleman (by act of Congress) I must recognize he grievous harm a such a perceived slight might cause. Therefore, I accede to your wishes and formerly retract any statements that might lead one to believe that Dr. Bloom has any vestiges of politeness, even if I might have used words such as newts, toads and idiots.
      Great article and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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