Another junk science proposal in Lancet

So Lancet publishes a new paper that finds an association of heavy cigarette smoking with Schizophrenia–and proposes a causal relationship–what a crock.

Could it be that schizophrenics develop heavy smoking habits because they are schizophrenic?

That’s just for starters.

But the researchers grasp for straws, proposing it has something to do with dopamine.

Nicotine has effects, no doubt, and maybe schizophrenics who smoke a lot are self medicating? Maybe they need something to occupy their time or their life? Slow down their disorganized thoughts and brain activity?


2 responses to “Another junk science proposal in Lancet

  1. “The case against science is straightforward: much of the
    scientific literature, perhaps half, may simply be untrue….”
    The Lancet

    The above quote from ‘The Lancet’,
    So I think you will find
    This is just another case
    Of the blind leading the blind!

  2. My late brother was a self-medicating schizophrenic.
    He told me that the medications prescribed by the mental health ‘professionals’ were a waste. The most bothersome symptom to him (and I suspect to many schizophrenics) were the incessant voices. He also said he doubted any of them had schizophrenia themselves, or they would understand his needs better, and provide better treatment.
    The only way he could find to stop the voices was alcohol.
    He smoked heavily because nicotine is a mood moderator – it calms you when you are excited, and stimulates you when you are depressed.
    He was schizophrenic long before he started smoking.

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