Paul Krugman, lying for jusice and a poltical agenda.

This essayist makes a big deal of Paul Krugman lying about obamacare–Paul Krugman is a member of the true believer left–they lie about everything that has to do with their ideology and drive for power and control. Their political agenda is worth lying for–utopian socialism and the power it bestows on oligarchs like Paul Krugman.

What’s the surprise–why does the Government lie about the economic numbers, the obamacare coverage numbers, foreign policy gaffes and bad defense policy, all manner of stupid? Because the issue is not truth but power for them. It’s not policy making for the betterment of the polity, it’s “lying for justice” to get and keep power.

So it is kinda silly for a DC based mag to express surprise that an economist would lie, good grief the research community on the government tit lie regularly, big and small lies to promote the government agenda at the EPA, NIH, Interior, Treasury, State, DOJ. . .

I better question might be–who in the bureaucracy doesn’t lie, who in the democrat party doesn’t lie to advance an agenda?

Pretty easy to blow up the myth of wonderful bamstercare–just look at the loss of coverage compared to before, the depradations on insurance coverage and the cost increases for less coverage, with hidden new deductible costs and dramatic and awful premium increases on the gamut of private health insurance offerings. Bamstercare is more expensive, has more Medicaid and less Medicare, bigger deductibles with higher priced products. Krugman knows that, but he is lying for justice–cover for

More expensive policies with less coverage is the rule of the day, but ignored by gov and media.

Just like they ignore the longest recession in recent history, that is being disguised by lying on the part of the government agencies and the chattering class.


One response to “Paul Krugman, lying for jusice and a poltical agenda.

  1. [Krugman] also decries the refusal of Republicans to admit that none of their dire predictions about the effects of Obamacare, like mass cancellations of health policies and soaring premiums, have come true.

    Total BS! I’ve had my corporate health policy cancelled twice by the insurance companies in the past two years because they were “Cadillac Policies” that didn’t conform to Zerocare standards (too many benefits). The best group insurance I can get now has higher deductibles, higher co-pays, fewer choices in doctors and prescriptions, and at a premium that’s 67% higher. But, hey, at least I now have birth control, which I don’t need.

    No wonder the room howled in laughter when Krugman let that lie out of his mouth.

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