Broken Windows policing eliminated by commie mayor of New York City.

After all in the deterministic leftist social sciences view, all bad behavior is a result of economic opporession. No one is to blame and there is no reason to punish bad behavior or crime–people are innocent, there is no culpability in the socialist utopia.

The left doesn’t accept James Q. Wilson’s theories of policing to improve civility. We here at JS are energetically in favor of broken windows policing–envouraging civility and discouraging bad behavior of all kinds in cities is essential for the welfare of the citizenry.

They don’t want civility, they want their version of social justice, don’t blame people for their criminal and anti social behavior, they are victims of the oppressive capitalist system with it classes and injustice and racism and . . .

Wilson was right, Dinkins was Wrong, Guiliani was right, but DeBlasio will take NY back to a time when people put signs on the cars that they didn’t have a damn radio, and muggings and general anti social conduct were the norm in the Dinkins jungle.


3 responses to “Broken Windows policing eliminated by commie mayor of New York City.

  1. DeBlasio is on record as being in favor of broken-windows policing, but opposed to stop-and-frisk. Melissa Mark-Viverito, who presides over the City Council, wants broken-windows policing eliminated. In the meantime, we get to have vagrants driving away residents and stores.

  2. DeBlasio wants New York to once again become the city depicted in the movie Death Wish. ( a great time capsule)
    While most of us were rooting for Charles Bronson in the movie, the mayor was cheering on the muggers and rapists

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