Another exhibit on why multiculturalism is killing us and our culture

I am really sick to see all these pundits from DC dinging on Trump and people out here who are concerned about the loss of our culture.

Multiculturalism is a destructive ideological/intellectual tyranny–totalitarian to the core.

Here is an example of how bad it is–sanctuary cities are safe harbors for legal and illegal migrant crime, and I suggest the sanctuary city movement is leftist idiocy exhibit one. These air heads don’t know how to identify evil savage behavior and attitudes? Not if they belong to the High Holy Church of Anything Goes. Morality–an anachronism–manners–passe’. we have descended into some kind of urban hell hole across the country, no cities are immune, the government has spread this savages out across the fruited plain, every city has their migrant swamp of criminality–drugs, sex and rock and roll has morphed into something much more malignant, a domestic and foreign grown cultural cancer that is ignored by the chattering class in their gated retreats.

Once unlivable city areas are now free fire and crime zones dominated by gangs of organized and free range barbarians.

The problem is cultural and moral depravity in the 3rd world migrants. A high rate of crimes and a disregard of cultural norms and mores–mean and impulsive depravity born of social dysfuntionality.


5 responses to “Another exhibit on why multiculturalism is killing us and our culture

  1. So a city can decide to be a Sanctuary City for people that have entered into the United States illegally. They have declared that they are exempt from federal laws that would require that the illegals be turned over to immigration officials.

    If a city would decide to be a Sanctuary City for Religious Persons, would that be allowed? A City decides that people could, by declaration of belonging to a certain religious group, then be exempt from federal laws about Civil Rights. If someone is truly offended by the thought of gay marriage, they cannot be forced to provide services for a gay marriage.

    I realize I’m being delusional here, but I do sometimes wonder what the real rules are, since so few people are actually following the real laws.

  2. Sanctuary Cities have been supported by the entire political class for several decades. Rudy Giuliani, a Republican, was fine with NY City being a Sanc. City during his two terms as Mayor. Characterizing them as leftist idiocy incorrectly minimizes them.

    • chili, you assume that Guiliani is something other than a leftist?

      That’s like saying that Christie is a conservative. There are no conservatives extant in NYC in my estimation.

      And idiot=leftist Multiculturalist commitment is idiocy So again, a true conservative would understand that multiculturalism is a mental illness of the left and swear off such nonsense. To pretend evil people and evil cultures don’t exist is to believe in Tinker Bell.

  3. could i suggest to you that guiliani was a leftist? maybe?

  4. “Sanctuary City” is simply a euphemism for “felon reservation.”
    The only reason a politician could support the concept of free-range criminality is to curry favor with a sizable group of voters – even if they are not strictly entitles to cast votes.
    Unfortunately, the social phenomenon of political parties encourages politicians to put the interests of their respective parties above those of the majority of the electorate.

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