Clarice Feldman, bouncing off Victor Davis Hanson, discusses Totalitarianism and political tyranny

Clarice Feldman, regular Sunday contributor to American Thinker, discusses the Victor Davs Hanson thesis that the left is running out of room and forcing a show down.

VDH also makes the case that people are fed up.

I saw the VDH essay and admire his optimism.

When I consider the last 70 years, starting with Hoover and FDR, I am not so sanguine.

The left is where it is because of a serious strategic effort.

We have been had. The own the media and the academy–that means they can screw up regularly and still get good public relations.

Clarice thinks VDH’s ideas have some pop and appeal. Wish it were so–but I see the dummys that inhabit our society and elective offices from top to bottom–why should the left lose?

It might be worthwhile to review JunkScience archives on socialism and totalitarianism.


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