Neumayr discusses Political Correctness and immigrants

Neumayr is impaired somewhat by his religious inclinations and he has a hard time with identifying evil and dealing with it. He thinks this is about fixing illegal immigration–no–no–noooooo, It is about stopping an invasion of groups of people incompatible with our culture and a danger to our civil society.

We have an immigration problem that is 40 plus years old–going back to the decision to make the 3rd world immigrants a priority.

Too many of the groups favored for legal and now forgiven for illegal immigration are bringing terrible cultural baggage with them.

Multicultural political correctness idiocy allows for the importing of this societal threat, a malignancy that is enabled by leftists looking for more class and social conflict, and even religious people, who like the idea of helping out some pitiful bunch. The multicultralists are, after all, embued with an excess of self esteem and a need to feel well intentioned and superior even when ignoring an evil danger to their life an

Trouble is that pitiful they are, but they are also culturally disabled and they prove the incorrect nature of this canard of the religious–the noble poor. The poor aren’t noble, in fact they are morally disabled beyond our wildest imaiginings in many cases.

We notice the immigrants with character but is it not also important to note the immigrants, both legal and illegal who do not share our values, morals, mores, civic canon?

We have a society that has raised up many values to a high level of regard, should we allow political correctness and multiculturalism destroy the other values we hold as essential to a civil society, like moral and socially conscious behavior?


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