Marlo Lewis shows how the climate fanatics will harm the developing nations.

I can’t emphasize this enough–coal is the best choice for producing electricity and it does not pollute the atmosphere in a harmful way with current methods. Ambient air pollution with modern processes is not a reason to stop development of electricity in the developing world.

Electricity is the way to a better life, infrastructure, hygiene, medical care, temp control, water supplies, sewerage, all require electricity.

More carbon dioxide is good for the planet–produces more food and vegetation, that produces more oxygen and reduces famines and food shortages.


3 responses to “Marlo Lewis shows how the climate fanatics will harm the developing nations.

  1. Source: Tom Wysmuller,
    If approximately 98% of the carbon dioxide is from natural sources, then what does it matter what the human sources are? Help me understand this concern about carbon dioxide.

  2. Fastest way to eliminate poverty: Ensure a dependable, affordable supply of electricity. People in developing countries are not, by and large, lazy, nor do they, unlike certain developed-world subcultures, expect to be carried along on govt handouts all their lives.

  3. charliepeters

    Do you want $2 Gasoline at the pump? Do you want clean air and water?

    Ethanol waiver and elimination of E-85 flex fuel credit can cut our ozone & CO2 transportation pollution over 50%

    Let’s improve performance of CA Climate change law AB 32 (Pavley) in 2015 for future generations

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