Are we just getting nuts–accomodation for the violently mental ill

The Americans with Disabilities act has this provision for accommodation for disabilities.

Somehow that has been twisted to include criminally violent people? The advocates would turn all jails and prisons into mental hospitals–failing to recognize that personality disorders are not amenable to standard psychiatric therapy–in fact psychiatrists avoid treating personaity disorders if they can–for good reason.

Here as JS we have deplored medicalization of everything–sure being violently crazy is a mental illness of some kind, but security and safety is the priority, not accommodation and treatment.

The bleeding heart lefty would like all the criminally inclined to have a diagnosis–and the priority would be treatment, not punishment because they are not responsible, they are sick. After all only mental illness would be the reason for bad behavior?

Crazy people have been committing suicide by cop or getting themiselves shot up or killed by their fellow citizens for a long time, and the ADA ain’t gonna change the priorities for Law and order and “Keeping the Peace” for the benefit of society.


2 responses to “Are we just getting nuts–accomodation for the violently mental ill

  1. Seems to me that’s the prevailing attitude in Norway – when that wacko shot up all those ppl a few years ago, the response was, “well, he must be very sick, or he wouldn’t have done that.” Nonsense. Perfectly sane people do all kinds of nasty things all the time. Lock ’em up and throw away the key. Better yet, hang them by the neck until dead as a deterrent to others.

  2. Unfortunately, our “leaders” feel a very close kinship with the criminally insane.

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