Light can orbit a black hole? Theoretically yes

The tremendous gravity of a black hole can harness the speed of light, and then photons could orbit a black hole if they entered the gravitational field just right. That’s the proposal here.



6 responses to “Light can orbit a black hole? Theoretically yes

  1. Wrong.
    The Schwarzschild radius is the radius at which the theoretical escape velocity of an object from a gravitational well equals the speed of light.
    Outside this radius light follows an inertial path through the curved space, which would look from a distance like a one-pass non-orbit – the relativistic equivalent of a ‘hyperbolic orbit’.
    At this exact distance light would theoretically follow a closed ‘orbit’, but to GET to this exact distance, the light would have to be *emitted* at this point. Theoretically there is nothing that could emit a photon that would exist AT the Schwarzschild radius.
    At lesser distances the light would be *inside* the black hole, and the “No Hair” theorem applies: the black hole has only a few properties (mass, charge, and angular momentum) and NO STRUCTURE. That means that it is irrelevant to discuss *anything* that is ‘inside’ a black hole sine the only thing there is the black hole itself.
    BTW: The German word “Schwarzschild” means “black shield”, a very apt name considering that it will block absolutely *everything* that is thrown at it.

  2. You wouldn’t be able to see the light that is in orbit.

  3. I don;t know whether to laugh or cry when these relativists say something almost scientific then go off into orbit about something they admit is utterly impossible..They can’t avoid science fiction; it seems this and ‘straight’ junk science is more interesting to them than the facts of nature……..
    When people like the POTUS believe it, the joke goes sour……

  4. First, even Hawkings has admitted there are no classical black holes with an event horizon that nothing can escape.

    Second, there are no black holes and scientists are simply applying their bias to the observations they interpret as black holes:

    Look around, you will find other genius level types who disagree with the consensus perversion of physics.

  5. Here’s a question for you, Dr. John. Why do you think people grossly prefer fantasy to simple verifiable truth but at the same time they go to great lengths to make their fantasies look plausible? And when no amount of tensor calculus or other insane mathematicking helps them achieve that look, they simply claim nature is paradoxical and we are all fools for not getting that.

    I think it is a medical condition.

    +1 to kuhnkat for linking to Crothers.

    • Don’t you think sometimes that people are attracted to mystical well presented theories.

      Charlatans have always done well, particularly with scare mongering. So many people want to be scared by something they don’t understand. It’s kinda scary, but immature and ignrant people are susceptable.

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