Knights of St. Francis indeed–Army for the left

So you remember a guy named Joe Alioto, hard line democrat mayor of San Francisco–so he was rich and has a rich daughter who is astro-turfing support for the Big Red Popey’s climate crusade with the sham front group Knights of St. Francis. How opportune. Hundreds of thousands of dollars spent in the last few days in the DC area, noticed by my friend Richard Farina–we put Milloy on the case and he uncovered the scam that included even a full page add in the WAPO, price about 100,000 unless the left gets a discount from the WAPO.

Milloy exposes the scam in this essay at Breitbart. So Ms. Alioto is making a big splash with the Knights, a pissant little community organization in San Francisco she is using. So she did her big add buy in the DC area–guess she’s got enough money she can spend on climate add campaigns.

Wonder if she made some money along the way on green crony sluxh from the bamster?

When Big Red Popey becomes the favorite front man quoted by secular materialist atheist totalitarians of the left–you know the Catholic Church is in the tank for the commies. Shame on them. John Paul II was critical to bringing down the Russky commies, now Big Red Popey Francis is working for their successsors?


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