Tom Wysmuller’s site get’s my attention

What a remarkably able writer. Tom asked me to fix a misattribution to one of my favorite geologists, Ian Plimer, so I got this link to Wysmuller’s site and read the stuff and it was entertaining and informative–I feel a lot better after reading his lucid explanations.

I am privileged to know him and his lectures, just didn’t know his website. My shame. I apologize for not informing you readers about him before this. Tom was a meteorologist, computer whiz Apollo program computer expert, on the NASA computer program and applications selection committee. Pratt and Whitney exec and expert, invented code that made the Excel polynomial regression algorithm possible–hell I can’t spell it–I assumed that it would be spelled rhythm like in medicine and music. The code is important to make the regression analysis work for data analysis on multiple variables. Just thinking about what Wysmuller knows makes me dizzy.

Tom has appeared to present at Heartland Climate meets 10-9-7 along with other heroes of mine–Apollo and NASA movers and shakers. I ate lunch one day next to Walt Cunningham–Marine Pilot with hundreds of combat missions, Apollo pilot–doesn’t get any better than that, and like all those fighter pilots, married to an energetic and beautiful woman who was way ahead of me on political matters.

You will enjoy Tom’s written work just like I did–take a spin. He is refreshingly candid about his work, his opinions and the science behind them, and he tells a good story. That’s important for teaching stuff.

It’s a link that requires a trick–word press won’t create the hyperlink with the two periods at the end, so copy the link, then paste into your address bar and Colderside comes up. Tom is prolific and a very frequent speaker for industry and such.


3 responses to “Tom Wysmuller’s site get’s my attention

  1. Yes, Tom Wysmuller is very, very sharp. Here’s a better trick for linking to the FAQ page on his web site:

    Tom gave a very interesting and enlightening speech and slide presentation entitled, “The Colder Side of Global Warming,” which you can view on YouTube (or starting at 46:20 in this longer video).

  2. Prophet Plimer has written the ”Pagan beliefs” for his followers -> which gave to the Marxist the best chance to slowly create ”Hell on Earth”

    Ian gave lots and lots of boomerangs as weapons, his followers, to clubber themselves… So: the Warmist are riding from victory to victory, on the Skeptic’s backs; because Prophet Plimer turned his followers into Warmist’s geldings… Algore should give the biggest medal to Ian, for sending his followers on a wild goose-chase.. to spook the public with truckloads of phony ”global” warmings and phony ”global” cooling… as if the earth has hi-fever… now children come home from school, depressed; because the teachers keep telling them that: by the time they grow up, the earth will boil…

    Ian Plimer doesn’t have enough dignity: to admit that he was WRONG, so the skeptical people can get on the front foot and defeat the Marxist – before they establish ALL opposition and governing parties politicians to be lefty Warmist!!!

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