Errata and corection: Tom Wysmuller corrects a misattribution of Geologist Ian Plimer

I am informed that Ian Plimer, an Aussie Geologist of great scholarship and knowledge was credited with statements not made that have created an exchange here at Junk Science that certainly deserves my correction.

Iam Plimer apparently didn’t say what appeared here at JS.

Tom Wysmuller corrects and I insert his commentary and references.

be careful with the link, copy and put it in your address bar, then you will find pertinent discussion at item 17. the whole link is fumbled at least by some software because of the 2 periods before html, so copy then past to address bar.

From: Wysmuller Thomas

Subject: Professor Plimer’s misattribution is still out there

Date: July 7, 2015 at 11:42:30 AM EDT

Could you please help correct this post on Steve Milloy’s usually excellent webpages? You kindly alerted me to the problem last month!

Here’s the link:

I went to some trouble correcting the (only, I believe) misattribution in my NASA TRCS presentation at ICCC-10 in Washington last month.

As I believe that Steve’s blog does not reproduce embedded graphics, my long letter correcting the misattribution won’t work either.

FAQ # 17 on my “Colderside” webpages was created just for that purpose. Here is the link:

Anything you can do here will help!



5 responses to “Errata and corection: Tom Wysmuller corrects a misattribution of Geologist Ian Plimer

  1. Richard Mallett

    Page not found

  2. look above, copy the whole thing. including the .html, which word press didn’t include in the clickable.

  3. I figured it out, have to copy and put in the address bar with the 2 period html they you get the link

  4. Mr. Arthur Ainslie

    In the Colderside page though, the reference to Michael Crichton piece in section, 1.1 is now “404” alas. However the Wayback Machine has a copy of the document from 2007, at this URL –

  5. Thank you Mr. Ainslie!

    My site has been updated thanks to your thoughtful posting here!

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