Donald Trump is wrong, it’s worse than he portrays, because the legal and asylum immigrants are bad news too

If you read the extremely well documented and researched book by Ann Coulter, Adios America where she exposes the dirty truth–you will see what I mean. Trump properly describe our current failure to control illegal immigration as dangerous–it’s worse than that.

Current immigration policies that award citizenship and asylum are increasing our burden of criminal savage migrant populations.

But there’s more.

Here’s the essay that prompts mine.

First one must recognize that America is a nation created by and dominated until recently by White Protestant morality, customs and traditions. Even the Catholic migrants from Europe had to suck it up and be Protestant in attitude. And did. There is an American work and moral ethic that can’t be denied–but it’s going away–fast. Slackers everywhere pretending to be adults.

A 38 year low in work force participation is a troubling development, the core of the American culture is being eaten out.

Read Charles Murray on the decline of the white working class in Coming Apart.

Until Ted Kennedy and the crazy 1965 immigration bill.

The media and the left are using political correctness motivated lies to keep the dark secret of what has happened and accelerated in the past 20 years–legals from these countries now favored by immigration policies include many with the same profiles as illegals–and the burden of criminality and savagery–culturally and socially impoverished immigrants from societies poisoned with terrible mores are another cancer.

An interesting discussion in Coulter’s book about the national origins of immigrants in the New York prison system–the book is worth that listing. I assure you that the countries that provided us with immigrants before Kennedy’s bill are not adding to our prison populations–it’s a corrections system dominated in the case of nation of origin by 3rd worlders.

Did you know that the USA is the only 1st world nation bordered by a 3rd world kleptocracy? however there’s another problem, people from the 3rd world, everywhere, want to migrate–because America is open and has many attractions–not the least a welfare system that is easy to access.

European Countries have the same problem internationally and it shows. No go in France? No go in Britain and other EU countries, soon coming to America–places like Dearborn MI

And Coulter in Adios America exposes a gigantic cancer on the American society that started with Ted Kennedy’s modification of our immigration policies bill in 1965. It’s been down hill since.

Coulter documents the magnitude of the criminality problem but also the economic and social consequences. The facts are shocking.

Coulter properly asks the question–what is the real burden of these migrants from undeveloped and immoral barbaric backgrounds?

Skipping through the multiculturalist lies and knocking them down like ducks in a carnival shooting gallery, Coulter reveals the sickening truth–America is screwed if this continues. She confirms and accentuates the statements and assertions of Trump.

This big bruhaha about the killing of the attractive woman in San Francisco doesn’t touch the magnitude of the depredations of this new group of barbarians who sexually abuse children, and are involved in malignant criminality of extreme barbarity. They don’t kill, they dismember, behead, rape and mutilate. It’s disgusting and it’s covered up by the media, even law enforcement.

The problem of sex slaves and child sexual abuse, incest, vicious and violent rape and torture of women, even female children is a peculiarly alarming part of the culture of so many of these new immigrants who bring with them habits and customs abhorrent to America.

She points out, on a word play that we are importing people who will commit crimes Americans won’t commit, and then she documents the social and criminal burden.

Well in the case of Mexico Coulter tallies it up and shows the lies. We don’t have 10 million, it’s easily over 20 million and we have now imported a significant portion of the Mexican population, some not identified as illegal because of the anchor baby family phenomenon, invented in an opinion footnote by a leftist supreme court Justice Brennan.

Old numbers don’t reveal the magnitude of the problem, and the media and immigration proponents don’t use the current numbers, that are hard to get, just like we don’ know the magnitude of the laqw enforcement burden, the cultural burden, the resource burden created by uneducated, illiterate, and culturally undeveloped people.

We don’t get their best, most of what we get is not. And the visa for skilled workers is being gamed.

Read Coulter’s book and you will need some therapy if you care about America.


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