Angelo Codevilla writes about the future and the realities of current politics the way Joe Dimaggio played–Pavarotti sang, talented Italians make it look easy

Angelo Codevilla has a history with me.

I have to tell you the story.

It proves I know a great writer, not that I am a great writer.

I received my hard copy of American Spectator, Summer issue, 2010, on a Thursday.

“Ruling Class and the Perils of Revolution” was the featured essay, a stunning explanation for what I was concerned about–an oligarchy that was taking over my beloved United States of America:

Ruling Class was a long essay of much more than 5000 words by someone I paid attention to because of his essay on the administrative state, Scientific Pretense and Democracythat appeared in the April, 2009 issue of AMSPEC. I was already impressed with and a fan of Codevilla because of this extraordinary essay about the development of the “expert” dominated administrative state:

The “Pretense” essay by Codevilla explained a phenomenon that is easily traced to the administrative state the state of the oligarchs. These states, all the way back to Rome, but particularly exemplified in modern times by the French and German states, require an army of anointed experts designated by the state, to intimidate and influence the public.

Codevilla, a political historian of great erudition, traced the phenomenon of the Oligarchic “expert” verified state from the Prussian, then German, Chancellor Ludwig von Bizmarck, one of the most successful statist bureaucrats in history. Codevilla could have just as easily looked to the French model with all the bureaucratic Academic Educational Centers called Grandes Ecoles producing their high flying bureaucrats, always found in prominent non-elective political positions in France.

“Ruling Class” by Codevilla was a brilliant and lucid discussion of the administrative state and the oligarchy that develops around an administrative state–hangers-on, experts, academics, operatives, mandarins and apparatchiks. I was so impressed by the essay by Angelo Codevilla. And that’s where the story get’s quirky.

I read the essay of more than 5000 words on Thursday and sent out an alert to all my email receivers, and there were many, announcing the importance of the new essay. On Saturday I disturbed the day of Mrs. Codevilla with a phone call, asking to talk to Angelo, who was just as startled.
They were, at that time in quiet retirement or at least retreat at a farm/vineyard in northern CA.

I introduced myself as a big fan and told Dr. Codevilla that he was about to become a celebrity and I wanted to be the president of his fan club. I told him he would be famous for his authorship of the “Ruling Class” essay.

He was happy to have me hang up.

Two days later Rush spent his entire 3 hour show reading and discussing the points made by Codevilla–and Codevilla did, indeed, become a conservative rock star. I was right and demonstrated tremendous insight and good taste in political essayists. I have done my best since but I would have a hard time duplicating that prediction.

However–I hope to promote a shorter but more important essay by Codevilla. I won’t say it’s better, but it is important.

So today is another day and Angelo has done it again–

Angelo writes an essay on what to do to stop the dominance of the oligarchy.

It is my opinion that this essay is as important as the ruling class essay, as much as I like that one.

Pay attention colleagues, PLEASE. Angelo speaks here to what he analyzed lucidly and cogently in 2010– the problem of the ruling class oligarchy that has developed in this country. He proposes a strategy to neutralize the ruling class when they try to destroy our culture, our morality, our constitutional government and replace it with a sick socialist imitation of government.

Is that enough to get your attention? I didn’t highlight it but I will if you can’t concentrate.

If you do not get what he’s sayin’, you are irresponsible poseurs and I will never drink with you or play with you again if I did before. If I didn’t before, I won’t take up drinking or playing with you.


3 responses to “Angelo Codevilla writes about the future and the realities of current politics the way Joe Dimaggio played–Pavarotti sang, talented Italians make it look easy

  1. In the 2010 Codevilla piece you cite, he notes a comment George HW Bush (who imagined himself superior) is said to have made to Gorbachev in 1987 about Reagan: “Reagan is a conservative, an extreme conservative. All the dummies and blockheads are with him…”” This is all about a class of Americans distinguishing itself from its inferiors.”…(near end of subhead, ‘Meddling and Apologies,’ second half of piece).
    Bush fought viciously to prevent Reagan from becoming the GOP candidate. If Reagan hadn’t inexplicably named Bush his VP, this country might not have been destroyed.

  2. chili, no disagreement from me.

    I do believe the Bush dynasty did what they could to destroy conservatism.

    Karl Rove helped, but he could have been fired. Shame on Cheney for not taking their pants down in public.

  3. Thank you. Posting a link to the article in several places, and sending it to family members.

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