The beyond-two-degree inferno

An excellent post. I believe the activism is more prevalent than just one journal editor. Also, the mythical 2°C limit seems to be drifting down to 1.5°C.

Climate Etc.

by Judith Curry

The time for debate has ended. – Marcia McNutt, editor of Science

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2 responses to “The beyond-two-degree inferno

  1. If these figures are “settled science”, predicting a disaster, why do they have to be constantly changed to fit the real world?

  2. The further we get into the Century, the more accelerated warming must become to hit the “magical 2 Degrees,” even with the unabated rise of CO2. The more it looks like the world is naturally not going to achieve the 2 Degree Limit while mankind does little to nothing, the less relevant the Climate Alarmists will feel, and the more the common man will say “Mission Accomplished!” while making no changes.

    Even now, if you look at the graphs, you find warming must start to approach what even I (a dyed in the wool “denier” of the first order) would find “alarming” in the next decade or two in order to get anywhere near the “2 degree” rise!

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