Roger Kimball is pessimistic about the American People–me too

Roger Kimball expresses his alarm.

I am fascinated by the venality and ignorance of the American Polity.

I can’t imagine, in a population that knows so little, a serious effort to get the republic back on course.

The reactions to the Supreme court dereliction of duty and offensive activism in violation of the constitution have been tepid at best. In fact the conservatives have run to the mike or keyboard to protest any strong protest of the same-sex or bamstercare decisions. Again, vilifying conservatives seems to be a favorite sport of phony conservatives, like George Will.

Jackasses like Will are more worried about political correctness that avoids the hard truths of an immigration invasion by thugs and savages warned of by Trump and Coulter, must less the socialist post modernist 5th column and a Manchurian Candidate president.

And that’s on top of a very effective commie infiltration of society and its institutions?

George Will calls Trump hideously inflammatory. George Will is hideous–PhD from Princeton and he can’t look at the criminal statistics and see that Trump is right–political correctness is too important to Will.


2 responses to “Roger Kimball is pessimistic about the American People–me too

  1. Politically-correct, morally-incorrect acts, fraudulent science, funny money and crooked politicians have brought society to the brink of disaster.

    Society’s current demise is probably the result of events hidden from the public by a NEWS BLACKOUT in Asia in Aug-Sept 1945 in the waning days of WWII.

    Anthropological global warming (AGW) is just one of four, unassailable Nobel Prize-winning falsehoods disguised as consensus scientific facts after Joseph Stalin emerged victorious from WWII and united nations (UN) and national academies of science (NAS) into a giant, worldwide Orwellian Ministry of Consensus Scientific (UN)Truths!

    Four Nobel Prize-winning Falsehoods

    AGW Anthropogenic Global Warming
    SNM Standard Nuclear Model
    SSM Standard Solar Model
    BBC Big Bang Cosmology

  2. Has nothing to do with public health, or for that matter any public issue, it is simply about control.

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