McCarthy celebrates DDT ban

Gina McCarthy celebrates the 43rd anniversary of the DDT ban with the number of eagles saved, and, of course, doesn’t mention of lives lost.  From the Washington Examiner, Happy 4th: EPA touts 43-year-old DDT ban

EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy’s gift to America on its birthday was to share an Earth Day video about how the EPA is committed to saving the bald eagle, one of the nation’s most cherished symbols of freedom.

In a tweet sent out Saturday, “Wishing everyone a happy 4th of July!” McCarthy posted a link to an April 22 YouTube video touting the EPA’s 43-year-old ban on DDT, a controversial pesticide that was attributed to decreasing numbers of bald eagles in the United States.

“DDT, a dangerous pesticide, once pushed the bald eagle to the brink of extinction,” read words appearing on the 30-second video, featuring the backdrop of a screeching bald eagle. “We helped change that. Because here at EPA, Earth Day is every day.”

No mention of the millions who died from malaria because of the ban that probably had little to do with the return of the bald eagle.   Every day is Earth Day for the saviors of the planet?

Just a few of Junkscience postings on the subject


8 responses to “McCarthy celebrates DDT ban

  1. If you compared lives loss from those who pushed the DDT ban to people like Hitler, Mao, and Stalin, you would let the later live and execute those supporting DDT for genocide.

  2. Coach Springer

    A few questions:

    Probably had little to do? Probably? How about negligible at science’s charitable best?

    Why the *&^@ would a court believe an regulatory agency that says “every day is Earth Day” are the objective experts that all of government and all of its people must obey?

  3. The Save The Planet: Kill The People death cult marches on their lies.
    The Lies of Rachel Carson, by entomologist & environmentalist
    Dr. J. Gordon Edwards.

  4. The EPA banned DDT on a belief not on facts. Congress approved it’s use in a controlled way.

  5. I am sure she did NOT mention the number of eagles killed in windmills. I read somewhere that Bald eagles are on the brink of extinction because of windmills (which do NOT produce much, if any, electricity).

  6. The eagles were saved by bans on killing them. Big fines. Shooting, poisoning, and nest depredations were mostly stopped. DDT had NOTHING to do with it. DOn’t remember if I read it or found it on my own, BUT, they never proved that thinning the eggshells actually increased the mortality of the hatchlings…

  7. See Steve’ Milloy’s “100 Things You Should Know About DDT” Available through
    Also, since eagles sometimes eat dead animals in the fields, Google “Poison 1018”. That stuff could go through six species. It was used by the U.S. Dept. of Game and Fish, and ranchers to eliminate coyotes and wolves.

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