Lefty sociology gives me a chance to introduce the other cultural wasteland–domestic urban black communities in the deep freeze for stupid

Here’s a good examination of a book written by a sincere bleeding heart lefty who spent some time in the civic black ghetto crime cesspool in Philly, watching the behavior of the locals and recording it so she could write a book. The review points out her empty-headed acceptance of the marxist theory of determinism. Everybody is just a victim. Boo hoo.

I think the comments by Klavan give you a flavor.
He properly makes fun of the author, a teary-eyed lib.


This reminds me of another book titled Bowling Alone (2000) by Robert Putnam who endeavored to prove that diversity was a benefit and found that diversity resulted in less community trust and mutuality, sociability if you will.

Putnam sat on his finding and the book for a time, because he wanted to prove that diversity was a strength–and the evidence wasn’t there. Finally he published. His research showed that community was a strength for a self-governing people and too much diversity and separation of peoples was bad.

May I presume to tell this pinhead something–American Culture is a shared business–from Louis Armstrong to Itzac Perlman and sharing a cultural experience makes people trust one another.

A good example is that southern black white communities are more community and mutuality and social adhesive functional than communities with more diversity of ethnic groups. The reason is that diversity drives people apart–they find it hard to find commonality, that creates barriers to social contact and mutual respect and trust.

Last week I read an excellent essay in the Limbaugh Newsletter, a newsletter that features really good research, unfortunately much better than he gets sometimes on the fly at his microphone.

It was a report on the economic effects of the riots of various now dying cities, detailing the effects of riots–loss of property values, lasting devastation and the effects of urban riots in all the hell-holes you never want to live in–Baltimore (riots in 68), Cleveland (66), Detroit (67). Of course there were others across the country, DC, LA, Newark, we even had riots and destruction in Omaha.

And the net effect was a decline in quality of life for blacks and a decline of their neighborhoods.

So what do we have domestically now–blacks living in urban swamps and wastelands with democrat overseers. Crime and cultural decay–a welfare state debacle.

Wanna see how bad it has become, read the work of Colin Flaherty, essays and his three books on black violence and mobs–hate crimes that are not called that.

Flaherty specializes in reporting urban black violence, mob violence and black on white terroristic violence.


Colin Flaherty’s books are:

‘Don’t Make the Black Kids Angry’: The hoax of black victimization and those who enable it. (2015)

Knockout Game a Lie?: Awww, Hell No! (2014)

‘White Girl Bleed A Lot’: The Return of Racial Violence to America and How the Media Ignore It (2013)

The domestic culture is badly damaged by the urban decay and destruction.

Security of decent black and white people who live in black neighborhood in the cities is compromised. Families are a mess with single parent families dominant.

We have our own domestic 3rd world culture–headed south with no salvation in sight.

Sad indeed with no way out for so many.

Read about urban black violence and general unrest and you can see a cultural development that parallels the depravity of what we are importing from the 3rd world coming across our porous borders.


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