Jews are on a suicide mission–but well intentioned

Linked below is an essay on why or how American Jews seem to be on a suicide mission. Not fighting back on the new wave of anti Jewish sentiment that is most evident in the lies about Israel and the effort to destroy the Jewish/Israel reputation and status in the world.

I have been a reader of the only national conservative Jewish Magazine Commentary for a long time.

I started reading it when I was traveling a lot 30 some years ago. Often it was the only mag left in the Delta plane mag bin. Long political commentary essays and no pictures didn’t apparently appeal to travelers.

Norm Podhoretz was the editor–labeled a neocon after he did his time as a New York lefty intellectual and then decided that he and other Jews were mistaken and delusional about lefty/marxism/socialism. His son John is now the Editor.

Some Jews worry about Israel but they are a minority. Most Jews would still vote dem if Satan himself was the candidate, many Jews are socialists first, Jews second or third.

Jews are a talented bunch–medicine, literature, acting, music, fiddle playing, math and physics come to mind–all those Nobel Prizes and all that talent.

Funny how if you dig down you find out all those Anglo-named entertainment people and successful Americans whose parents or grandparents had European Jewish names. The movie industry, for example, was Jew dominated, Jews are a valuable part of academia.

But Jews were also the glue that kept European Communism together for decades in spite of the anti semitism that commies displayed, while in America Jews were strongly represented on the left–still are.

This is an insightful essay about the nature of Jewish political massochism.

The writer invents an excellent diagnosis and calls the Jewish self hatred and guilt inspired inanity–JUPUS. The metaphorical word flip is about a terrible auto immune disease called Lupus (Systemic Lupus is the bad kind) that describes an auto immune process that results in the person creating antibodies that destroy the host tissues–blood vessels, solid organs, skin, even sometimes the brain).

Conservative Jews continue to write about the fanatic lefty attitudes of American Jews, even to their over the top antagonism to Israel. Makes no sense, or does it? JUPUS explains it. Self criticism morphs to self loathing?

When something bad happens to Jews they find a way to blame themselves. Self criticism they got–way too much of it. Guess they feel guilty about being superior? As an Irishman I have to wonder what their mommas are doing to make them so self conscious and guilty.

Crazy attitude.


One response to “Jews are on a suicide mission–but well intentioned

  1. Lots of secular Jews do not identify with Israel. In fact, they identify more with their infatuation with “the other” than they do with Judaism. Their pattern is to be nihilistic and side with the “underdog” of the moment, as long as that underdog is low on talent and ideally intelligence. They like people they see as losers, because it puts Jews higher on the pecking order. What they don’t ever like are white Christians. As Bolsheviks, they killed and fired from their jobs Germans living in Russia.. When the Germans knew this, they were terrified Jews in Germany would do the same thing to them. Jews in Soviet Russia were powerful, just as Jews here were adamant supporters of FDR who supported Stalin in Stalin’s march through Germany into Eastern Europe. Jews may look self-destructive for not supporting Netanyahu or a strong Israel, but Jews typically want nationalism destroyed, whether in Israel, Germany, Russia, or here. Punishing non-Jewish whites is the point of the destruction, and they push for immigration to dilute the national cultures of North America and Europe. I don’t know if nihilism is genetic, but it sure is popular among Jews.

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