Clarice updates the threat to the Republic

This essay is alarming in content.

I recommend it, even though some of it is pretty scary–we have an outlaw administration and executive, and derelict congress/courts.

Penumbra is a word utilized to invent constitutional rights by leftist Supreme Court Judges–a kind of Alice in Wonderland trick. People like the addled Kennedy like to talk and write in magical terms to get around the meaning of plain language.

It’s a lawyer thing.

One of the consistently alarming things Clarice puts on display is the inability of black to pass exams for the professions.

As she points out, outcome disparities on exams cannot be fixed by affirmative action grade inflation–think the bamster and moochelle as examples, but soon the culture war army of the left will eliiminate exams or dumb them down.

There is a a professional exam flunk rate that Clarice didn’t explore because, after the results of some studies 20 plus years ago, the research stopped.

It’s like the media’s intentional covering for race and immigration status when covering crime.

The reality is multiculturalism is not, as the left would assert, a strength–it is the road to cultural suicide.


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