The feeding people climate change scare

The Guardian promotes the next climate change scare about having to feed more people by 2050.From The Guardian, We need to grow 50% more food yet agriculture causes climate change. How do we get out of this bind?

By Max Cackler

We are trapped in a vicious cycle: we will need to grow 50% more food by 2050 to feed 9 billion people but agriculture, which is paradoxically vulnerable to climate change, generates 25% of heat-trapping greenhouse gas emissions that lead to climate change. The more we grow using conventional methods, the more we exacerbate the problem. It’s time for a climate-smart agriculture but first we must address a few man-made problems.

First, there is a frustrating lack of attention paid to agriculture in the current global climate talks leading up to the Paris conference later this year. By definition, food production affects all countries, rich and poor, and it is hard to imagine any effective post-Kyoto climate change agreement that ignores 25% of the problem. So, we need a climate change agreement where agriculture is a big part of the solution, and delivers a triple win: higher agricultural productivity to feed more people and raise the incomes of poor farmers – especially women, greater climate resilience, and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

Pretty scary food security stuff.  It couldn’t be part of the roll up to the last chance to save the planet negotiations in Paris.  So, how have we done using “20th century technology?”  A speech by David Lam, President of the Population Association of America in 2011 presents a  different story.

“The world is producing three times as much food today as in 1960; the population is two times what it was in 1960, so there’s 41% higher food production per capita.”


“We went through an incredible period in the last 50 years with the doubling of the world’s population in just 39 years. We put pressure on resources in ways we never had before. The challenges we face in future – while staggering – are nothing compared to what we’ve already gone through, and we have reasons to be optimistic about the future.”

That 20th century technology is moving into the 21st century quite well despite interference by governments in areas such as GMO foods.


4 responses to “The feeding people climate change scare

  1. Tell me this whole scam isn’t about population control !

  2. AGW is a United Nations scam:

    On 4 July 1776 the Declaration of Independence assured us that we were endowed by our Creator with inalienable rights to enjoy life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

    The US National Academy of Sciences hid benevolent REALITY from the American public after frightened world leaders united nations (UN) and national academies of science (NAS) on 24 OCT 1945 into a giant, worldwide “Orwellian Ministry of Scientific (UN)Truths”

  3. The threat isn’t more people. It’s the huge amount of food producing resources being taken out of production for “environmental” reasons.

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