It’s summer, so rev up the climate change alarms

Summer comes with record or near record temperatures in England and all the fear mongers trot out with their climate change end of times alarms.  Reports of the heat wave with some record temperatures has resulted in scientists coming out and proclaiming an assist by climate change and more frequent heat waves with floods, droughts and everything else.  The echo chambers, like the MirrorBusiness Insider and CBC News pick it up and run with it.  All these predictions of future climate disaster come scientists, and independent climate committees (funded by the government) who are virtually certain that this might happen.  You need to count the weasel words which are definite maybe’s.  Stephen Kruiser in the PJ Tattler has a nice take on summer bringing out the Church of Climate Change.

Paul Homewood has pretty good summaries on the record temperatures here and here.

Also, I have to keep reminding myself that record, terrible, killer heat waves are all relative really hot here, might not be all that hot somewhere else, but that won’t prevent alarmists from taking a few days of warmer than usual and stretching it into  the end of times.


2 responses to “It’s summer, so rev up the climate change alarms

  1. Happy Fourth of July Surprise

    1. This great nation began with the “Declaration of Independence” on 4 July 1776.

    2. And was betrayed 169 years later, in Oct 1945, because:

    _ a.) Eighty-seven years after 1776, in 1863, President Lincoln trusted and appointed a private, self-perpetuating group of distinguished scholars to advise the government on science and technology – The National Academy of Sciences.

    _ b.) Forty-nine years later, nations were united under the UN on 24 Oct 1945 and NAS spent research funds in federal research agencies to deceive the public about NEUTRON REPULSION in heavy atoms and stars in support of a worldwide “Secret Social Experiment.”

    [The Sun’s interior was changed from iron to hydrogen in textbooks, and Aston’s valid nuclear packing fraction was replaced with von Weizsacker’s deceptive nuclear binding energy.]

    3. Climategate emails in late Nov 2009 first showed many of us the sad state of government science.

    4. After hearing six years of official excuses for deceptive government science, now – on 4 July 2015 – there is little or no doubt:

    The National Academy of Sciences that Lincoln established in 1863 betrayed the American public about the energy in cores of heavy atoms, some planets, ordinary stars and galaxies after 1945.


  2. I’ve worked at Heathrow during many a hot spell in the past couple of decades and I can say, yes it was hot but it was nowhere near a record. They are reaching. Expect the thermometer to be moved to tbe canteen at the rate they are going.

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