Hey, hey, R-F-K. How many kids did you kill today?

Robert F. Kennedy jr. does a lot of work for the “environmental movement”. Some of it is even good and thoughtful. Some of it. As the line from Star Trek’s “A piece of the action” had it, “a very small, very miniscule, piece”.
He’s also a major anti-vaxxer, right up there with Jenny McCarthy.
And now… he’s lost the NY Times. Well, at least a NYTimes op-ed:
[NYT op ed]
California, Camelot and Vaccines

If you had told me a while back that I’d someday dread, dodge and elect not to return phone calls from a prominent member of the Kennedy dynasty, I would have said you were nuts.
Then Robert Kennedy Jr. started reaching out.
Not just reaching out, mind you, but volunteering to educate me. To illuminate me. That was his tone of voice, somewhat pitying and vaguely patronizing, the one time we talked at length, after he’d left messages and before he left more.
It was important, he said, that we meet.
If we did, he said, he could correct me.
My error?
I had disparaged the alarmists who claim a connection between vaccines and
autism and fill parents with needless fears about immunizing their children.


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