Europe’s Wind Powered Recipe for Economic Disaster


spain unemployment Spain’s wind power disaster leaves 26% out of work.


Lessons from Europe: Recipe for a high-cost energy system
Communities Digital News
Steve Goreham
26 May 2015

CHICAGO, May 26, 2015 — While President Obama promotes renewable energy and members of Congress argue about energy policy, a renewable energy disaster is unfolding in Europe. Driven by a desire to halt climate change, Europe has created a high-cost energy system where everyone loses. U.S. policy leaders should learn from the debacle occurring overseas.

European energy policy today is dominated by the European Climate Change Program (ECCP), which was established by the European Community in 2000. The program called for the nations of Europe to adopt measures to cut greenhouse gas emissions. The goal was for Europe to collectively meet the targets of the Kyoto Protocol climate treaty signed in 1997.

The ECCP was based on two assumptions. The first was…

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One response to “Europe’s Wind Powered Recipe for Economic Disaster

  1. AGW is a United Nations scam:

    On 4 July 1776 the Declaration of Independence assured us that we were endowed by our Creator with inalienable rights to enjoy life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

    The US National Academy of Sciences hid REALITY from the American public after frightened world leaders united nations (UN) and national academies of science (NAS) on 24 OCT 1945 into a giant, worldwide “Orwellian Ministry of Scientific (UN)Truths”

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