Don’t be judgemental is a badge of cowardice

Some just don’t get it, the reason civil societies can exist is moral and civic standards derived from experience and wisdom.

Prudence is the most important civic virtue because making good judgments about proper conduct that is respectful of others and good for the group is salutary for society.

Prudence incorporates wisdom into problem solving–in your house, neighborhood, community, society.

Multicultural non judgmentalism is a swamp and allows for defining deviancy and immorality down.

Lifestyle and values now are considered mutable, merely a matter of choice that is expansive rather than restrictive.

So goes anything goes. The end product is license and viciousness.

Moynihan and so many others remind us that traditions are cultural and societal structures and rules born of wisdom and experience with the human condition and the efforts to create civil society that respects individual rights and protects individual liberty.

Defining deviancy down is a post modernist/multicultural trap door that goes to savagery and barbarism.

When marxist/socialist energized post modernism took hold and multiculturalist identity politics with a strong flavor of marxist economics and social theory, it was imperative that the left destroy religion and traditions of morality. Take down the institutions.

Non judgmentalism is the habit of cowards, standing for civility and morality requires one to confront the savages in our midst.

Can we afford to throw wisdom and tradition out for what seems like an easier way–the Church of Anything Goes.

And it is a religious movement, one that is anti religion and flavored heavily with True Believer intolerance that would claim extreme tolerance.

The new environment allows for attacks on traditional civility and morality while encouraging tolerance for savagery and barbarity. Cowardice is the motive for tolerance in a world of savages. Fortitude is not easy in a dangerous world full of immoral and barbaric gangsters and bullies.


2 responses to “Don’t be judgemental is a badge of cowardice

  1. “Don’t be judgmental” is very one-sided. No one was ever more “judgmental” than these PC tyrants.

  2. ScienceABC123

    Being judgemental is not bad or even evil, but condemnation is.

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